Events FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Meeting & Events

    Q1:  What does the Room Rental Price include?

A1:  It includes the Room of your choose (Bedford Room, Lexington Room, or Concord Room, or any combination of rooms, etc.) for your function/party or meeting, etc.  It includes tables and chairs enough to accommodate your function, and one time set-up cost.

Note:  Linens, Table covers, skirts, chair covers, sashes, silverware, dinnerware, napkins, and everything else is not included.  These are all available for rental.  Cost will be explained elsewhere.

Q2:  Can we bring food from outside? Can we have it catered from outside?

A2:  Yes, you may bring food from home or directly catered from outside to the hotel with approved vendors.  (As they are knowledgeable about the time and temperature of proper food handling techniques and storage and proper transportation conditions prior to, during, and delivery to the hotel) as these are all your responsibilities, as Hotel will not be liable any incidents that occur due to the food related matter.  For example, food allergies, sickness, due to any leftover food eaten by your guests after they take it home.

Q3: Can we bring alcohol from outside?

A3: Yes, as long as it is not for sale.  We do not have a liquor license, thus you or host is responsible for all the guests and their health and safety by you providing the alcohol.   You may hire a TIPS certified bartender to serve alcohol.  You may obtain a permit from the town hall for a one day alcohol sales if you like.  You will be responsible for hiring a licensed bartender as a server and going to the town of Bedford and acquiring a one day license for the duration of your party.   If you are not willing to do this, then we cannot allow you to bring any type of alcoholic beverages from outside for selling purposes on hotel premises.   The host of the function is responsible for making sure that each guest drink responsibly and have someone to drive them home safe.  Hotel will make every effort to give sleeping rooms at a discount if needed for safety of all. 

Q4: Can we bring a soda, water or bottled water  from outside?

A4: Yes, you may bring soda and water and other drinks including juices for and during your function. 

Q5:  What is the cost for having a Bar?  How much does it cost?  Why do we have to pay for it?  Isn’t it included in your services?  I mean as part of your room rental?

A5: We currently do not have a liquor license and thus do not allow you to host a cash bar from us or elsewhere.  You will need to obtain a one day permit from the town of Bedford. 

Q6: Do you rent out pool for pool party?

A6: Yes, We hold pool rentals and pool parties as well; however, we do not have a life guard on duty.  Whenever there is a pool party and life guard is required we will call the life guard and pass on the cost to the host of the party.  There is a minimum number of hours (4 hours) and cost please discuss with management your needs depending on the number of kids (guests) in your party.

Q7: Can we rent the Chiffon dishes (Food Warmers) from you? How much does it cost? What is included in this? And will it keep the food warm until we eat?

A7: Yes, We rent each Chiffon Dishes or food warmers for $10 each.  You just have to let us know how many you would like.  Each Chiffon Dish set-up includes (Chiffon Dish to hold your food in a full size pan sometimes called trays or full tray, or two half trays, and hot water, two to three burners, cover and an appropriate utensil for the food being served, as well as a transfer pan and a transferring utensil.)  This should keep the food warm for at least three hours.

Q8:  Do you provide someone to help us set up?  Do you have anyone to help us serve food at our function?  Can anyone help us with the set-up for the party?  Who do we call if we need something during the party? Can someone help us with cutting the cake and serving it?

A8:  We provide our staff as servers to help you with all of this for $15 per person per hour.  You need to estimate at least two servers for 35 – 50 people party (Three servers for 50 – 75; and four for 75 – 100).  Their time is based on start time and finish time.  You would tell us when you would like the servers and they will stay with you for the entire party, it’s like having your own staff for the duration of your party.  They will work for you.

Q9:  Do we have to clean up ourselves or can someone help us?  Is there a cost for this? Or can we just tip them?

A9:  We charge a $50 flat fee for cleaning when the food is brought in from outside.  This includes all of trash and food disposal after the party.  No you do not have to tip them, however if you like their services you may tip them in addition to $50.  This $50 clean-up will not be reduced because you tipped them.

Q10:  How much is the deposit? and can we get it back if cancelled?

Q10: 50% of the cost of the function is taken at the time of making the reservation; this is a non-refundable deposit as we will not take any other reservation for the same date and time as your function.  All remaining payments must be made 7 days prior to the date of your function.   There is no refund if the function is cancelled for any reason as we have been considering your function booked since the deposit was paid and refused other potential business at the same time.

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